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2012 F Class Country Teams

Malcolm Hill tells how Pt Pirie put together their win.

The country teams event was a first for a couple of our members with Ashe McCarthy not having shot it before and Ross Faggotter not having competed in any teams competition at all being fairly new to "F' class shooting.

I did however have complete confidence in both of them as indeed I did with all the team.

At 500 mts we were four points off the pace with Kapunda taking the win at that range.

I know full well how all of Trev's gear can hammer the centre and with conditions not bad for getting good scores it didn't surprise me that they won the range.

Once we got back to 600 mts and the weather started to play around a lot more I was a bit more confident of picking up some points as the conditions started to become a bit more like we are used to at Port Pirie.

All our rifles were shooting very well and holding good elevation which can certainly save a few points if the wind reading is not quite perfect.

Ross had done some load development during the week and his 223 was really on song and didn't suffer from elevation problems with the switching wind.

All the rifles had good wind centres as well which is essential in those changing conditions and with all that going for us we were 20 points up after the second round.

Our object at 700 was to stay in the five ring and take the sixes when we could and we managed to do that quite well.

At one stage when Ross was shooting we had a significant wind change that was difficult to work out and I waited for a bit to see what it would do.

In that time all the other teams fired and there was a row of pretty little birds on their targets showing they hadn't picked the amount of change.

I still wasn't quite sure of exactly what was happening and as Ashe was ready on the mound and I knew her centre was spot on, I had her fire a sighter which scored a five but more importantly we hadn't lost any points and I knew what the wind was doing and was able to finish Ross off with mostly sixes.

Ashe then fired her second sighter and continued her round.

When I got on the mound to shoot last the wind was continually drifting side to side and as previous shots had showed the mirage to be true for the slight time that it boiled Matt and I decided that I would leave my sight on centre and keep a centre hold and he would say go when the mirage stopped for an instant.

The system worked and we picked up another ten points at 700 to be thirty up for the day.

When you have a team that you can depend on to get their shots away well, all having gear that is working well it is a pleasure to have a part in coaching them to a win.

I think it was at 600 metres in tricky conditions that really showed what a good team is with four members finishing on 56 and the other a 57, when the other teams had really big variations in their scores.

You can't ask for better than that and it was the range that really set us up for the win.


Thanks for that great insight Malcolm. Stolle Bros.

Pt Pirie Team : Ross Faggotter,Malcolm Hill,Matt Haldane,Andrew Arboit,& Ashe McCarthy

Kapunda Team : Trev Otto, Scot Larsen,Lynn Otto,Peter Larsen, Alex Kerin & Jim Taylor

Pt Augusta Team : Kim Walters, Steve Walters, Ralph Stirling, Jono Webb, & Arthur Tanner

Murray Bridge Team : Peter Schenscher,Tim Grigg, Wayne Stainer, Phil Bamford, Dave Kosewicz, & John Cranwell