Captains Report




F-Class Standard State Team Brisbane 2015

This year's assault on the State teams looked very promising from the outset with more than enough nominations being received for standard, given that FTR was included this year for the first time and could have impacted on available numbers. Practice dates were set and we were able to have almost every participant turn up for each one and really make the most of the time getting a good team organised and set up ready for the event. Unfortunately for some of the original nominations they missed out on the team, but those that were selected moulded into a very tight and positive group with their goal set firmly on the event in Brisbane. Throughout the training everyone had good input into all aspects of getting the best result, with new ideas being put forward and used to advantage to pick up that little bit extra in performance. Most practices were at Lower Light with the final one at Kapunda to get settings for imperial ranges that would be used at Belmont. I would like to thank the crew of helpers and target markers that made themselves available on those days to assist all three of the teams, it can't happen without them.
Our final team make up was Malcolm Hill (Captain and main coach) Matt Roberts (Vice captain, plotter, assistant coach and shooting reserve) with shooters John Cranwell, Peter Larson, Chris Green, Jerome Ziersch and Frank Dicerbo. Our first session on the range at Belmont was the 300 yard
practice and it was apparent that the preparation with the new rear plates and the front rest feet was not wasted, as the grass was extremely spongy and difficult to get a firm footing on. Much thanks to Adam Pohl and Mark Tyler on that issue, our teams were the envy of all others. The practice went well with not many shots required to have all shooters in the middle, with the same happening back through 600, 900 and 1000 yards. The boys were relaxed
and ready to take on the task for the 15 shot 1000 yard Queensland Match to get the competition underway.
The seven F standard teams got underway at 1000 yards with varying wind conditions requiring coaches to be on the ball and it was very pleasing for our South Australian team to get off to a great start by taking out the match by 2 points over N.S.W. There were no brilliant scores in our team, just good solid figures with all shooters finishing in the 80's which none of the other teams could manage. Spirits were high after the first day with all members primed for the second day's competition.
The South Australia Match of 3, 6 9 and 1000 yards once again had our boys opening up with a win, this time with the Victorians a point behind. Another win at 600 yards by centres to N.S.W. kept the ball rolling in our favour with the longer ranges to come. 900 yards saw our first defeat with the Victorians winning the range and our team down six points on their winning total. Fortunately for us they were down a bit on points from the earlier ranges so it was looking like a battle between us and N.S.W at the final range. Our third place at 1000 allowed N.S.W to take out the four round match aggregate on the day with 1149.58 over our South Australian team in second place with
1145.75. The majority of our points were lost to elevation shots which hadn't really been an issue previously but it was enough to do the damage and allow N.S.W in for the overall aggregate win as well. We gave it our best shot and came within 2 points with the final scores being N.S W. 1561.75 to our South Australian team's 1559.91. If only we could trade a few supers for sixes. Picking up second spot in the long range aggregate wasn't too bad and it was pleasing to get one of our shooters, Peter Larson, the award for the top off
rifle score of the event. All in all a reasonable showing for our South Aussie team.
I would sincerely like to thank everyone involved in this year's event. To SARA for paying the team entry and making Lower Light range available for our practices. A very special thanks to Stuart Braund for all the organising with everything right from the word go - without his effort I'm sure we never would have had things run so smoothly in getting to Brisbane. Once again Chris Green put his hand up to get the trailer and gear to the event and was ably assisted by Pete Larson - their on road commentary was good for a few laughs. To Matt Roberts my vice-captain for nominating himself as reserve
and taking on the task of team plotter and assistant coach, he did an extraordinary job of working out which rifles were performing the best and which ones we would use at each range. His work on the plotting sheets and assistance with coaching and keeping things on track during the matches was outstanding. To the team shooters Chris Green, John Cranwell, Jerome Ziersch, Peter Larson and new member Frank Dicerbo, I have nothing but the utmost praise for the way you banded together as a perfect team, all willing to put in every effort without question to have what I consider to be the best
team yet. To hear comments from the other states shooters on the professionalism of our team and how we worked as one on the mound will be
a lasting memory and just adds to the pride I had in captaining such a magnificent TEAM. I thank you all for your dedication and the way you did such a notable job of representing our state.

Malcolm Hill

2015 F Class Standard Captain.