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South Australia fielded a full team of Open & Standard to Mackay in North Queensland 8 F-Standard and 7 F-Open team member to represent our State in total some 72 competitors.

The commitment from the South Australian F-Class team is second to none. The team sprit and camaraderie becoming more evident in every National teams competition we attend which I feel will be more infectious as time goes by.

Once again individuals deserve a special mention:

  • Matt Roberts & Stuart Braund for organising accommodation and car hire.
  • Chris Green for the mammoth task of transporting a ton of gear and taking some 3 days of travel to arrive to the North Queensland destination.


  • Mike Willment for organising presentation dinner shirts and cuff links for the Open Team.
  • Philip Bradshaw for filling in the F-Class Open Coaching position at short notice and to all the other team members for their support and individual efforts.

The FCASA would like to extend a big thank you to Rob for is guidance and assistance with getting team shooting up and running in South Australia with out his assistance and wealth of experience the successive teams that have attended venues around Australia would have not have been possible.

I would also like to thank SARA Chairman Colin Kuchel for his good wishes in our endeavour.

The FCASA also donated a trophy to the NRAA for the winners of the South Australian  F Class Association Match.

This year the FCASA also add a new cap and name badges to the team kit.

In addition, some $1,300 was raised throughout the year by team members toward team costs. Thanks to the members of No.1 DRA for their support.

Richard Braund






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