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About Us

Who is SAFCA?

The South Australian F-Class Association comprises F-Class target shooters from clubs throughout South Australia. These clubs are city and country based and accessible to any shooter wishing to join and participate.

The association was formed to promote F-Class target shooting within this state by giving representation to shooters within S.A.R.A. (South Australian Rifle Association). By doing this all the state clubs through their members can contribute to the successful running of F-Class competitions alongside fullbore Target Rifle shooters.

This web site is available to all SA clubs wanting to promote F-Class or to publicise events that include F-Class.

What is F-Class?

F-Class falls into Four categories, F-Class Standard, F-TR and F-Class Open & Long Range F-Class.

F-Class Standard (Australian Class - Standard Shooting Rules - SSR's)

This particular class use the same rifle as Target Rifle (308W and 223R) but allows telescopic sights and front and rear rests. The weight is restricted to 8kg for the rifle weight combined with sights and all attachments but excluding the front rest. A 10kg limit is imposed for the combined weight with the front rest attached. The minimum trigger release weight is 1kg.

F-TR (International recognised class -ICFRA Rules apply)

This class is restricted to either 308W and 223R, It must be shot from an attached Bi-Pod front rest and rear sand bag. Telescopic sight are allowed. The combined rifle weight (inc. Bi-Pod) is to be under 8.25kg. Unrestricted trigger weights and projectiles also make this discipline a great choice for most commercially purchased 223R & 308W rifles.

F-Class Open (Australian/Internationally recognised class - SSR's/ICFRA Rules apply)

This discipline allows any caliber up to and including 8mm to be used. A weight of 10kg is allowed for the rifle including any attachments such as telescopic sights etc. The weight of the trigger release is unrestricted for F-Open. An attachment is defined as any device that recoils with the rifle. An example of an F-Open rifle with front and rear rest is shown at the top of this page.

Long Range F-Class (Australian Class - Standard Shooting Rules - SSR's)

This discipline is shot under the same technical rules/guidlines as F-Open, though is traditionally shot at the longer ranges ie. 1000yds-1200yds or 900m-1100m. Opportunities do occasionally arrise at some venues to shoot from as far at 1500yds.

Where is f-Class Shot?

Most but not all Target Rifle Clubs include F-Class competitors and competitions. F-Class is shot prone at ranges of 300 to 1200 yards or metres. Some target ranges are measured in yards and some in metres so its best to be prepared for both.