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Stick-on Super V Centres (Preview)


Richard Braund is the Secretary for the SA F-Class Association and one of the best F-Open shooters in Australia. His recent shoot off (March 2009) with Alan Fraser at Bendigo for range honours shows he has the skill and ability to compete at the pointy end.

What most don't know is that Richard also has the ability to design very clever stick on super v centres to be used on current full bore TR targets.

F-Class is all about accuracy and the super v as most of you know, provides a centre half the diameter of the TR target v-bull (central bull). This article is not to discuss the pros and cons of various targets currently in use such as the Championship and ICFRA but to make known the practicality of using stick on super v centres.

Richard has designed the centres to fit onto A4 paper and has used the Adobe PDF file format to ensure print size compatibility on most inkjet and laser printers. It just requires setting "Page Scaling" to "None" in the Adobe print menu before printing them off.

Richard recommends using UNISTAT A4 adhesive back paper which is available from Office Works in boxes of 100 sheets for under $30. This is pretty good value when you realise that six 300 yard centres will print onto one A4 sheet. At the other end of the scale, only one 800 yard centre will print onto an A4 sheet. If you have a laser printer then the target centres are waterproof but not all injet inks are, so a quick spray of clear lacquer may be necessary. Scissors will work fine to cut out the centres, just follow the frame lines on the printed sheet.

The design of the centres is such that the black corners of the stick on target are placed inside and against the 5 ring for smaller targets (300yds) or the v-bull on larger targets (800yds). This clever design means that the new half size centre is concentric with the existing target rings. On the smaller targets which require alignment on the TR 5 ring then the TR v-bull is replicated along with the super v on the stick on centre.

The super centres are available with Black or White centres!

Have a look at the attached image of the A4 sheets of the 300 metre and 800 metre centres and you will understand the text of this article. Click on 300Metre-Black or 300Yard-White and view the actual pdf files for these targets. The targets feature cut out lines which extend to the edge of the paper to enable easy alignment when cutting out.

Scoring SuperV

The scoring of the super v centres is the same as for TR except that each ring on the TR target is scored one less. To fully explain scoring lets start with the new super v and work outwards, super v becomes a v-bull and a v-bull a 5, etc. The markers only need to be informed the shooter is F-Class so they will mark all rings down by a single point and indicate correctly.

All clubs will have access to these target centres through the downloads section of this web site. Adobe Reader is a free program that will allow printing of these targets and most PCs will already have a copy installed.

While these target centres are designed for F-Open a number of clubs will use them for both F-Standand and Open as some clubs might like a unified target for F-Class to "keep it simple". Its easier to use one target for scorers and markers and now its easier for clubs to adapt their existing TR targets for F-Class shooters by using Richard's very clever and simple super v stick on centres.

Update for 2010: ICFRA Targets are now the NRAA target of choice and the Super V Centres for these targets have been made available on the Super V download page!

Richard has finished the art work for all the ranges (imperial and metric) and the files are available for downloading. Download here for targets.

Article by Ian Pavy (25-3-09)