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Celebrity Shooter May 2010

PAUL JANZSO is this month's celebrity shooter

Paul answers 10 questions and provides his views and insights into our sport


Celebrity Shooter May 2010

This is our second Celebrity Shooter interview and this time its Paul Janzso's turn to answer the questions. Straight off I would like to thank you Paul for agreeing to be interviewed and for providing us all with an insight into why you are now one of the best F-Class Open shooters in Australia. I saw you win the SARA, F-Open Queen's last year at Lower Light in South Australia and this year you won the overall F-Open aggregate and came second in the Queen's at Bendigo in Victoria.

I'm particularly interested in your selection of large calibre and heavy recoil rifles that you use to shoot in F-Open. It was interesting to note that at the recently held 2009 Bisley F-Class World Championships the top ten shooters were all using 7mm rifles. If I remember correctly, mostly 7mm WSM and SAUM rifles, with a lone 284 Shehane taking third place. It would appear to me that you have in your collection some of the best F-Open equipment available.

Q1. How long have you been shooting F-Class and what is the main attraction for you to shoot in the F-Open competition?

Firstly Ian I would like to thank you for the great introduction and all the accolades.
I started shooting F Class Open,( I threw myself straight into the deep end of the sport ) in 2005 with a Tikka Master Sporter chambered in 6.5x55 .
A friend from Bendigo contacted me one Monday morning to tell me about his visit to the Welsford Rifle Range and how he shot a club or members F Class Standard 223 from the 1,000 yard mound and scored quite well, with coaching.
Well from that phone conversation I was hooked, I wanted to get involved in this F Class, long range shooting. So I contacted probably every Gun Shop in Adelaide trying to find a suitable rifle, like the Tikka Master Sporter that I mentioned earlier.
I have always known about long range shooting, what with the long range in Scotland, Carlos Hathcock the famous sniper in Vietnam so this was my introduction to F Class Open Competition.

Q2. You have in your collection the 300WSM, 7mm SAUM and the BooBoo in its 30 calibre form, which of these will you be shooting the most at the range?

My 300WSM is performing exceptionally well at the moment, so it was suggested to me to put that rifle aside for Queens events and use another rifle for club and OPM's. So I have been working on loads for a 7MM RSAUM. I have not found the right load yet but I'm sure I am not far off it, when I do, I will be using the 7MM RSAUM for all club shoots and OPM's.
The 30 Boo Boo has been chambered and the barrel fitted to the action, there is still a lot of work left with that project before I can put groups on paper, but my intention for that rifle is FLY Shooting, heavy class. Maybe a go at 1,000 Bench Rest, if we can get some benches organized and I would like a crack at Match Rifle.  

Q3. I have watched you shoot, heavy, high BC bullets, (180-210gr) for some time now from a number of your rifles and am impressed by how you handle the recoil. To me you appear to be completely unaffected by recoil and your rifle slides smoothly on the front and rear bags. These heavy bullets are being launched at over 3000fps, can you please share with us how you control the recoil so well.

On my 15th birthday I rode my deadly treadly to the Glenelg Police Station to get my Firearms licence. Then I rode it just as fast to Super Elliots in Jetty road to make my final payment on a brand new BOITO 12ga, single barrelled shot gun and a box of ICI Blue Star # 4's. This was the beginning of my "how to control recoil" lesson.
I have also over the years bought Mod 98 Mausers and had them customized and rebarrelled or rechambered to caliber combinations such as 257 Roberts Ackley improved, 280 Rem, 7x61 Sharp and Hart, 358 Norma Mag. 458 Alaskan.
To become proficient at shooting these rifles you had to practice with them, so I would take the 458 into the field and shoot rabbits if I had nothing else to shoot.
This was my grounding for "recoil management"

Q4. The NRAA have now finalised the design for the Super V on the ICFRA target. This has enabled both F-Standard and F-Open to shoot on the same target. What are your thoughts on the new ICFRA targets with the Super V for F-Class and do you have a preferred scoring system for the X ring (Super V) on these targets?

I am a minority in this sport, so I will shoot on any target as long as I can still shoot. I started F Class with the Championship Target and I liked it, I could clearly see my 1/8th dot in the center of the target. 
I am actually struggling to see my 1/8th dot on the new ICFRA target, so I wonder why there was not the inclusion of a white Super V in the new target. That's what I would like, a white SUPER V.
As for scoring, I would like to see F Class Standard scored out of 5 X. F CLASS OPEN, in my opinion should be scored 10 X.    

Q5. If you could recommend one rifle and action to be used in F-Open for a newcomer wanting to be competitive, what would it be?

Nesika, Stolle F Class, Bat M are all very well made actions, but I have become a strong fan of Barnard Model P actions.
I think Barnard's fall under the banner of "not shiny enough" for a custom F Class rifle. They use them actions on "Target Rifles", don't they?
It comes with its own trigger, how good can it be?
Well I've done extremely well with my Barnard actioned rifle and the trigger is tuned to a crisp 4oz break and it's a nice shiny black action.
As for a stock , I have successfully used the MBR Tracker style, with a bit of inletting under the forend so it tracks on rails in the rest. Some 1 inch diameter holes bored lengthways through the butt for extra weight. A large , thick Decelerator butt pad to absorb the recoil.
Now for the calibre and barrel. I would strongly recommend a 7mm barrel chambered in 284 Shehane. My reason being,  Berger and Sierra have some very high BC bullets on the market and they hold up very well in strong conditions. Dies are readily available from D&B Supply (details on this site) Lapua brass is very good and can be easily sized from 6.5 to 7mm . And the 7mm, be it straight 284, 284 Sehane, 7mm RSAUM , 7mm WSM is fast becoming the cartridge, caliber combination, in my opinion to be competitive in F Class Open. 

Q6. If you could recommend one rifle and action to be used in F-Standard what would it be?

Barnard Model P, Ejector action, MBR Tracker style stock, inletting under fore end, weight system and decelerator recoil pad.
Caliber 308, barrel, heavy varmint profile.

Q7. It seems that F-Standard shooters will sometimes out score F-Open shooters in competitions despite using bullets with inferior ballistics. Why do you think this happens when F-Open rules allow superior high BC bullets to be used?

It all comes down to wind and condition reading. Take my 300WSM for instance, I use 210gn Bergers and the value of wind drift compared to a 155gn HBC is half, but if I do not see a direction change from left to right, it does not matter how high your bullets BC is, you will miss the X.
When I first started shooting F Class, I could find my wind correction easily, but then I would forget about the wind flags and lose shots to the left and right. It was very frustrating.
I have since learnt that wind moves in cycles, it may be a strong right but it will have drops and pick up's. You have to shoot in the strong part and watch out for the drops and pick up's, they will put you out of the X.

Q8. As well as liking the large calibres you also like large barrels with the 1.25" straight profile Krieger barrels being universally fitted to your rifles. What's the reason for your preference to fitting the parallel barrels?

I tried 6mm BR, 6mm x47 and 30x284 in a switch barrel rifle combination. I soon felt I preferred to stick to one calibre, this being 30x284.
Then I wanted to use bigger bullets so, that is when I got my first Barnard Mod. P action and I had an interstate gun smith chamber and fit a heavy varmint profile barrel.
I was not happy with the balance, weight and recoil of the rifle with the heavy varmint profile barrel. That is when I asked Paul Gale from SARA to order me in a 1.25" straight profile Krieger barrel. I also ordered in a PT&G 300WSM chamber reamer and I had Phil Bradshaw chamber and fit it to my action.
With a bit of tweaking to my weight system, bringing the rifle to 9.970 kg, the straight profile barrel has balanced the rifle superbly and I feel it has vastly improved the way the rifle recoils in the rest. 

Q9. What has been your greatest challenge in reaching the pointy end of the F-Class shooting competition.

I think my greatest challenge has been, nutting out what I think is going to work, re-working it, experimenting with it, going back to the drawing board and trying again until I came up with my winning Krieger barrelled, Barnard actioned, 300WSM F Class Rifle

Q10. What do you think the future holds for F-Class in Australia?

I'm going to invest in sunglasses because the future looks so bright.
Murray Bridge Rifle Club has had 4 new F-Class members join this year and there is more to come.

Thanks Paul, and you might recognise your ammo pictured below which displays your current choices for FO and FS. Its true that Paul shoots a rat gun in F-Standard but do not tell him that I let his secret out!

Left to Right: 223R, 7mm SAUM, 300WSM, 30 BooBoo

Paul is a member of the Murray Bridge Rifle Club (S.A.) and competes in F-Open events and F-Standard team shoots at the Monarto Rifle Range. The Monarto Rifle Range extends out to 1000+ yards and is flat and wind swept. This talent testing home range, I'm sure, contributes to Paul's ability to remain competitive under all conditions.

Any shooter wishing to visit or join the Murray Bridge Rifle Club please refer to the Club Page on this website for a contact phone number and range map.

Our next Celebrity Shooter will be a F-Standard shooter who favours the humble but accurate 223R, all the way out to 1000 yards. This shooter is known for his wind reading abilities gained from shooting at long range at Pt Pirie.



(Article for by Ian Pavy 12-05-2010)