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Junior Development Day - October 2010

On the 17th October 2010 the DRA 11 F-Class held a Junior Development Day hosted by the Loxton Rifle Club. Discipline on the day was Rimfire 100 yards F-Class.  There were 13 Juniors participating in the competition and 7 adult members participated to demonstrate to the juniors how to shoot.

The adult scores demonstrated to the juniors how easy it is with coaching to achieve scores equal or in some cases better than the adults! This was done by Loxton Rifle Club Junior member Christopher DiCerbo who also was encouraging the other juniors that good scores can be achieved.

Here is a list of all the participants with their scores:

46 - Kassandra Mitchell
43 - Zoe Vaughn              “Zoe had very consistent and tight groups”
42 - Brendan Hartley
41 - Todd Stebbens
40 - Cameron Todd
39 - Ayden Biddle
38 - Janek Rutzen           “Janek would like his own rifle one day”
35 - Daniel Eirden            “Daniel was eager to learn more”
34 - Ben Robertson        
29 - Kya Scwartz             “Kya was very enthusiastic and eager to hit centre
25 - Callum Wood            looking forward to next year
24 - Jeffry Hahn             “Jeffries enthisiasm blurred his sight picture 10 out of 10 for the
                                                 most dedicated.”

DRA 11 has 17 junior members registered under the junior development program. This program is where the awareness for firearms safety begins.

This achievement has been reached by the dedication and support from the Riverland people in the sport of shooting. 

A big thanks to all the Scout Leaders and also all the Junior participants who were very well behaved on the range.

A big thanks to the F-Class Association and all its members for their encouragement and support to make this possible.

A big thanks to Paul G from SARA for offering assistance and support. A big thanks to all the family members and volunteers.

Mike Punturiero