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Got an article ?

Have you got an article you would like to post? Check info for what is needed then email your request using the link shown below.





Whats needed to post articles?


The content of the article can be anything to do with f-class shooting. This could cover almost anything from equipment, techniques/methods, reloading or news of a recently held competition. An article on what ranges and facilities your club has or a new electronic targeting system that has been installed. If its somehow related to f-class shooting it can be posted.

A few things to keep in mind that will enable the webmaster to get your article posted quickly and with a minimum of fuss are...

  1. If you have Microsoft Word or Excel then please use and attach your article or table as a Word or Excel file. Articles can also be submitted simply as email and then copied and pasted onto a web page.

  2. If you have pictures or images accompanying the article then attach them as JPG files. It would be advisable to save them for web page use before emailing them. Most camera software has the facility to compress the file size and a picture of around 450 w x 275 h, (pixels) is a good size.

  3. The length of an article should be no larger than a 1000 words (approx 2 pages) but this is just a guide and dependant on the quality of the article. Generally 500 words or a page is more than enough for most topics.

  4. Email your club listing, article or team news to the webmaster for posting.

  5. Please dont include any form of abuse or harassment as it will not be printed.

Its simple enough to do and if you have email and a digital camera your well on your way to being a contributor to SA F-Class!