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Sighting/Plot Sheets

Sighting-Plot Sheets

Download Files Here:

How many times would it have been handy to have a plot sheet not only to record your shot by shot data but also to guide your sighting?

Well I have wanted a drawn to scale plot sheet with 1/8 moa grid lines for some time. A web search revealed nothing specific for our NRAA targets so it came down to making my own.

The plot sheets I have drawn have a 5 moa area of the target available for the plot. This covers our existing TR and Open F-Class targets and also the new ICFRA target which hopefully will be in use in 2010.

I have included fields for 3 sighter shots and 20 scoring shots so that both the F-Standard and F-Open classes can use these sheets.

The plus with this type of sheet is it can aid in finding the centre of the target with your sighters. Plot your first shot and count off the clicks for wind and elevation.

This required each plot sheet to be calculated and drawn individually and means the most error using the plot will be less than 1/8 moa.

These sighting/plot sheets will be an aid to wind coaches who can call the wind in 1/8 moa increments from the plots. Beginners will also find this an aid in finding their way around the different dimensions of targets at different distances.

The sheets are in pdf file format and are sized for A4 sheets of paper. Set the print paper scaling menu to "Shrink to Printable Area" for hassle free printing.


New combined plot sheets are available and cover ICFRA target sizes for 300-400, 500-600 and also 700-900 yds/metres.

These plot sheets have two plots per A4 page but have a greater error of approx 1/4 moa but are an acceptable alternative for wind coaches to use.

The older style, one plot per A4 sheet have the most accuracy but the new combined sheets are far more convenient to use.

These combined imperial/metric plot sheets were added for down loading on 12/06/2010.

Plot Sheet Download Files


Combined ICFRA Plot Sheets (2 per A4 page)
300-400yds/metres Plot Sheet
500-600yds/metres Plot Sheet
700-900yds/metres Plot Sheet


NRAA TR Target Plot Sheets


NRAA Open F-Class Target Plot Sheets


ICFRA Target Plot Sheets