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DRA No.6 Team (Pt. Pirie) Wins DRA Teams Competition.

Pt. Pirie won the 2011 DRA teams competition on Saturday and then went on to win the Country Teams Competition on Sunday.

DRA Team 300M 500M 800M AGGR
No. 6 Team 288.12 280.20 251.5 819.37
No. 1 Team 277.17 278.10 253.4 808.32
No. 8 Team 279.16 268.8 243.5 789.29
No. 4&5 Team 249.14 272.10 248.6 769.29

Four F-Class DRA teams competed at Lower Light Rifle range on Saturday 19th March 2011. At the 300M range light breezes of between 1-2 moa. At the 500M range it was a stiff breeze from the left with quick shifts between 4-6 moa.

At the 800M range things were difficult with wind direction still from the left but constantly changing between 6-8 moa and gusting over 10 moa and then dopping below 4 moa. The trick was to shoot while the wind strength was in the 6-8 moa range in order to get a successful shot onto the target.


Pt Pirie Wins 2011 Country Teams Competition!

Andrew Arboit, Matt Haldane, Ben Runkel, Malcolm Hill, Frank Endemann

 Four F-Class Teams Entered the 2011 Country Teams

Maitland Rifle Club, Murray Bridge Rifle Club, Port Augusta Rifle Club and Port Pirie Rifle Club. 

After the first round at 500 M, the shooting was suspended for 1 hour while we waited for the rain to clear. The weather was clear at the 600 M range but most teams found this the most difficult range. 

The 700 M range was shot in light consistent rain and Port Pirie were the superior team winning at all ranges and winning by 14 points and 14 super centres.

Country Teams Results

Club 500M 600M 700M AGGR
Pt. Pirie 295.28 282.12 289.18 866.58
Murray Bridge 288.22 281.8 283.14 852.44
Pt. Augusta 283.14 269.9 280.13 832.36
Maitland 246.6 257.8 252.3 755.17


Pt. Pirie's Winning Score Card


In Pt. Pirie's coach's (Malcolm Hill) own words...

"Matt Haldane had 177.16 for the day and took out top shooter coached by myself. Ben Runkel had 177.15 and he was first shooter down so he may have suffered a little while I was getting the wind sorted out.

They both shot very well as did all our team with no one under 170 for the day. Frank Endemann wondered what he had to do to get to the top of the list when his 60.5 at 500 had him behind Ben on 60.6 and Matt with his Omark on fire with 60.8.

Congratulations to Pt Pirie for their win and to all the teams for a successful competition and a good day together at the Lower Light Rifle range.