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South Australia sent full team to Canberra 8 F-Standard and 6 F-Open team member to represent our State.
The commitment from these people is second to none the team sprit and camaraderie becoming stronger in every event we participate in well done to all those state team members.
It was also great to see the SARA Chairman Colin Kuchel there to cast an eye over the event and hopefully he was impressed with what he saw.

Rob Richard Mousley lead the SA F-Standard Team coached by Jim Freebaine to second over all a job well done considering the strong competition.
Rob will have a report specific to F-Standard.


The F Open team were down one member and did not have a reserve never the less this did not stop us from competing in the very first official Nation F_Class teams event for F-Class OPEN at Canberra.


teams3   teams4
      PJ hard at work                         S. Braund working with our coach P.Rix

The F-Open Team Members

Glenn Hutchins, Chris Martins, Stuart Braund, Paul Janzso.

Captained by Richard Braund and coached once again by Peter Rix.

The conditions on day one were humid with occasional shower light switching winds not very comfortable at all.

Day 1 being the Queensland Match the SA team struggled in the 15 shot 800m event coming equal last with NSW on TEAM AGG 663

Victoria fielded a very strong team that took out the event convincingly with Team Agg 689 from Team QLD on 676

The next day the weather was much of the same as day 1 with less humid and less rain but still the fluky Canberra wind conditions that would test our coach.

           C. Martins Powering ahead to give us a win in the VICTORIAN MATCH

Prior to next days shooting I had decided to change our team tactics and asked some of the team member to share one of the better rifles after some initial negativity these team members agreed and we went into day 2 with a new game plan this worked very
well and TEAM SA won the VICTORIAN MATCH with a TEAM AGG of 1893 from Vic 1887 QL 1868 and NSW 1864


The over all result Grand Agg

1. VIC 2576
2. SA 2556
3. QLD 2540
4. NSW 2531


TEAM VICTORIA Grand Aggregate Winners


Well done to Stuart Braund who won NRAA TOP OF RIFLE Trophy for the 2010 Canberra F-Class team’s event.

Stuart Braund presented with the NRAA TOP OF RIFLE Trophy

I would like to say it is an honour and a pleasure to lead the first official F-Open team in Canberra 2010 and I’m sure as SA participates in more of the events as a team will be very competitive against the other states.

The FCASA through fund raising activities donated $700 toward new team range jackets.

The FCASA would also like to thank SARA once again for the financial assistance with team entry fees.

Richard Braund
Secretary FCASA


F-Standard Report Link